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Elephent Safari

Jeep Safaris are conducted by the wildlife reserve authorities and professional wildlife guides. The open jeep has seating arrangements for almost 4 persons per trip, and generally goes up forest range. The duration is three to four hours and timings are during early morning and afternoon till sunset. Jeep Safaris can be booked in advance while booking the accommodation.
The jeep dashing inside a dense jungle is a thrill in itself. You are on a jeep safari!! Odours of curry leaves and wild flora, incessant insight and tips from the guide and an unknown land to compliment your curiosity, there is no other best way to read the jungle than a jeep safari. Jungle jeep safaris are exciting way to drive into vegetation, ravines, gorges and valleys, amidst the mottled sunlight. It is an ideal method to see maximum of jungle in less of a time. Beginning with the reserve area, it will take you along Kumaon foothills by the way of pug marks, hoofs and scratches, a bed of dry leaves, water holes and pug marks. Interestingly, you may come across trees abraded by male tigers to mark their territories, gibbers of apes, and elephant cows being pampered by their mother.
While there are chances of getting lost in the wild jungle aura, do not forget to carry a pair of binoculars and camera hanging around your neck as you might spot pack of wilds, quiver of serpents, and herd of elephants. Also, advisable is to wear light colored clothes and abide by the rules and regulations.